Thanks for visiting my new site, You’ll find reviews on restaurants and hotels I’ve been to, products I’ve tried, recipes I cook and some art I’ve created.

You may or may not know me so thought I’d include a bit about myself 🙂

I’m Jessica, I’m a digital account manager based in Bedford.

I absolutely love cooking (and eating) which is why I’ve included recipes on here, if you try any of them send me a photo, I’d love to see your creations and will be sharing them too 😊

I also love being creative when I’m not being lazy so have added an art section, get in contact if you’re interested in any of my work 🎨

Swimming is my favourite form of exercise, I find it really relaxing and luckily it works most muscles because I get bored of using gym equipment (no offence to those who love it, just not my idea of fun although I wish it was) My dad used to take me swimming before school so I’d get up at around 5am, no idea how I used to get up that early, I go after work now because I most definitely am NOT a morning person! 🤦‍♀️ I also love playing tennis but the last few times I’ve played I’ve lost so won’t go into that 🤣

I hope you like my new site! If you have any questions my inbox is always open on all social media or you can contact me here 😊




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